Cool Photos

My Faith Is Restored

I found a link to the following collection of images on my Facebook page today.  I made it to #18 before I started crying.  Just remember, with all the bad news we see every day from around the world, there’s also a lot of good news that maybe doesn’t get quite as much attention. 26 […]

Amazing Paths

I haven’t posted a photo gallery in a while, so here you go people.  Thanks to my Aunt for sending me these.

Pet Pics

Time for another cute picture gallery!

Kulula Air

Kulula is a South African airline that specializes in low cost fairs.  They’ve also got a good sense of humor.   Kulula has several elaborately decorated planes including the aptly named Flying 101.  According to Kulula’s website, “This plane was designed in-house by our graphic design team as part of our bigger strategy to demystify air […]

In The Blink Of An Eye

I got these from another mass email. Very cool images.

Cool Photos

I’ve started to accumulate a nice collection of photos that have come to me through chain emails. While these emails can, on occasion, be annoying, every once and a while they have some nice content. The following is a collection of unusual animal images.