Getting My Geek On


I got my geek on in a big way tonight.  At 10:31pm PDT, the United States landed a one ton, car sized rover on the surface of Mars.  The mission is the Mars Science Laboratory, or MSL.  The actual rover is named Curiosity.  I sat out on my patio with a campfire at my side […]

Walking On Air: Video From Space

This video was shot from the International Space Station.  Absolutely stunning, is how I would describe it!  Do yourself a favor and crank up the HD and go full screen.

Galactic Timelapse

I’ve been a fan of all things outer space since I was a kid.  I even built my own 10″ Dobsonian telescope when I was in my early 20’s.  While I don’t get out in the field to observe the stars much anymore, I still keep my eyes peeled for interesting stories and videos featuring […]

The Milky Way (no, not the candy bar)

The Milky Way (no, not the candy bar)

UPDATE:  The original image link that I had appears to have gone down.  I found an even better one, however, that includes markers for some of the prominent features.  It’s hosted at Cal Tech so I should think it will stay live for quite some time. Time to get my geek on again.   The image […]

A Glorious Dawn

I’ve always been a huge admirer of Carl Sagan.  He had a way of putting the most complex subjects into terms that the average person could not only fully understand, but be awed by.  I watched Sagan’s Cosmos television series when it first came out and, even today, I’m still inspired and amazed by it.  […]

Backup, Backup, Backup

Backup, Backup, Backup

Our computer subject for today folks is backup. Backup, backup, backup. I mention it three times because you should have all your important data backed up three times! Two of these backups should be local and one should be off site. This ensures that even in the event of a major disaster such as a […]

First Images From NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory

Today I’m letting loose with a bit of my geeky side:  NASA just recently released stunning imagery from it’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.  The SDO was launched on February 11, 2010 and will study how solar activity is created and how Space Weather comes from that activity. Follow the link to read more about it.  The […]

The Bloom Box

Normally, things are all laughs around the offices (okay, it’s just my house but allow me this one conceit), but that all changed this morning when I saw a segment from the 60 Minutes TV show. That segment was called The Bloom Box and is about a new type of fuel cell that could […]

The Road To Geekdom

The Road To Geekdom

Every day I sit at this keyboard typing away, I’m reminded of all that led up to the system that sits before me now.  In my many, many years (never mind exactly how many), I’ve had the privilege of owning countless computers but it’s the very early ones that were responsible for starting me off […]

Vacation Day 2:  There Is A God

Vacation Day 2: There Is A God

We woke up this morning to rain.   I started to think that this was really going to be a bang-up day, what with the toilet AND the torrential rain.  We ate a quick breakfast of Pop Tarts and raced off down to Jack’s Campers to see what we could do about the leaky toilet.  We […]