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Dog Humor

This is for all the dog lovers out there.

Love And Beauty

This video shows a yellow lab trying to make friends with a little boy who has down’s syndrome.   It’s just so sweet that I had to share it.

Cuteness Overload

We used to have a Golden Retriever that acted the same way. NOTE: The video I posted was linked from YouTube but has since been removed because it violated their Terms of Service.  Luckily, I’ve found another source so you can all have your cuteness allotment for today.  

It’s All In How You Look At It

This video is so true. Check out some of his other videos too.

A Dog's Brain

A Dog’s Brain

If you’ve ever wondered what your dog is thinking… well, it’s really not that complicated.  Just refer to the following flow chart to answer your questions:

Best Guard Dog EVER

Nobody’s going to mess with this guy’s bike!

For Sale...

For Sale…

I got this in an email from my Aunt. Make sure to read all the way to the end: For Sale: One F***ing useless cat!

Saving A Life

This is the story of a humpback whale that had become entangled in a fishing net. The whale was exhausted and motionless when discovered by Michael Fishbach, co-founder of the Great Whale Conservancy.  I’ll admit to tearing up a bit at the end of this, but then I cry when watching Rudolph the Red Nosed […]

Cat Kung Fu VS Ferret Kung Fu

Your Kung fu is weak…

12 Days Of Christmas: The Alternate Version

Okay, okay… I know I’m a few days late, however, I finally found the perfect Christmas post!  This video was created by the Talking Animals people (or person?) from YouTube.  After you watch this video follow the link at the end to their YouTube channel and check out the other videos they’ve done.  Merry belated […]