Winning Recipes…or…”All Green Things Must Die”

It’s quite obvious that Charlie Sheen is going over the edge as of late.  He hasn’t lost his sense of humor, however, as witnessed by the following video: Note: If nothing appears below, give it a few seconds.  For some reason, it takes a while to load up.

Star Wars: The Geriatric Edition

This is a hoot.  Watch and enjoy.

Literal Video

I spent most of tonight searching through the YouTube archives in an attempt to locate some of the awesome music videos from my my younger days.   Okay, don’t be a wise ass, there were TOO some awesome music videos from the 80’s!! I happened to be watching the video for Total Eclipse of the […]

OK Go With Friends

This is the latest video from OK Go.   If you’re not familiar with the group, they’re a hugely popular indie group out of California.  Their breakthrough song (and video) was Here It Goes Again.  That video had the group performing on a bunch of treadmills and was filmed in one take.  The single take videos […]

Commercial Time

Just wanted to share a few funny commercials with you all.  Hit the Read More link to see the rest:

Washington Mutual

This commercial was for Washington Mutual.  It’s funny as can be but it must not have helped them much seeing as they were the largest bank failure in U.S. history back in 2008.

Guy Walks Across America

First off…once again, I apologize for my lack of posts lately.  Hey, it’s summer and I’ve been goofing off a bunch.  Well, I guess I’ve been goofing off if you consider landscaping my backyard with 22 tons of rock, 3 tons of flagstone, 8 yards of gravel, 12 yards of dirt and 13 yards of […]

Fan Hit At Baseball Game

In a recent Yankees/Mariners game a fan was bumped into by Ichiro Suzuki while he was trying to catch a foul ball.  The young lady gets slightly worked up about it.  The best thing about this clip is the voiceover by Jay Onrait.  Too funny! UPDATE: The video that I had originally linked to was […]

Idea Factory

If you’ve ever wondered where good ideas come from…

Lost: Censored!

This is one of the the latest installments of Jimmy Kimmel’s This Week In Unnecessary Censorship.  The target this time around is Lost.