Joe Cocker – Captioned For The Clear Headed

Like many people, I like Joe Cocker.  There are times, however, when I have difficulty deciphering his lyrics.  Thanks to the diligent work of some fans, we can now sing along with Joe’s version of the Beatle’s A Little Help From My Friends:

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  1. I’ve been searching for that Joe Cocker video; Thank you! It makes me laugh out loud. Delta.

  2. No problem Delta. It got me going as well. Most places have pulled it down so I’m lucky it’s still up here.

  3. I just saw Cocker perform on 5/21/09. He was great but his backup singers may have been picked up on the corner in town. They could NOT sing well. It was still my pleasure to see Joe.
    Thanks for this video, as I’m passing it along to my Cocker friends as I meet them through my sales job and brag how I got to see him and they didn’t!

  4. Excellent Terry. If you haven’t seen the movie Across The Universe, do yourself a favor and rent it. It’s an excellent movie and Joe sings Come Together in it. He changes appearance so drastically during the number that you’ll hardly recognize him. You can check out the youtube video of his number HERE.

  5. That was awesome.

  6. “I got a Lazy Boy I’m afraid” has GOT to be my favorite line. Of course, “OH LIVER” is a close second.

  7. This video makes me laugh so much I cry tears. Seriously one of the best videos I’ve seen that made me laugh for so long and so hard! Thank you! Love it!

  8. LOL, don’t mention it! Personally, I’m surprised that it’s still posted. Every other site that had it up was forced to take it down.

  9. Great!! Funny Everybody know they have done this!!

  10. Ya gotta lov him either way, His best is “you R so Beautiful 2 me” Those were the days.

  11. Thanks for taking me back in time. You got to love him. Love that video!

  12. Too funny–I was crying!

  13. Am a Joe Cocker fan and that brought back great memories as well as some serious laughter. I saw him several years ago when he was the opening act for Tina Turner’s final Farewell Tour and he was FABULOUS!! (I actually liked the music better than Tina Turner’s that night) He just stood there calmly at the mic and sang beautifully. Really a talented guy and still had the pipes even as an old fart! THANKS FOR POSTING THIS FOR ALL OF US TO SEE!

  14. That is just hilarious. Thanks!

  15. This is screamingly funny. I, too, cried while laughing.

  16. This IS the BOMB! This has to be the funniest video I have seen it some time! Joe Cocker is awesome, but this video is awesome-er. I know, I know, but it’s just too funny!

    I was laughing out loud in my office. My co-workers kept coming down the hall to see if I was OK. Then I played the video AGAIN, and laughed even harder!! My co-workers were begging me to send them the link. So be ready…this could go viral….

  17. I probably should mention that I work in a disability accommodations office where captioning is a BIG deal! So the ‘joke’ was even funnier!

  18. Priceless! I saw Joe Cocker too many years ago to remember. It took this long to finally understand his version of this wonderful Beatles song!

  19. This is side splitting, pants wetting funny. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  20. so so Joe style, nice i liked it

  21. Before I saw this, I had never laughed that hard before 7:00 a.m. in my life!

  22. OW!

  23. NEVER take this off line!!! I keep coming back time and again for a chuckle. I never seem to get tired of this.

  24. Wow.

    Stay away from the brown acid, Joe.

    This is classic!

  25. I saw him live at Woodstock in 69 and he still sings the same! Don’t get fooled again!

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