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I Feel A Tad Insignificant

This video will make you feel small.  It’s a simulation of the known universe starting from the surface of the Earth and traveling outward to the cosmic horizon.  This video is available in HD so do yourself a favor and kick the resolution up to 720p and watch it full screen.

Galactic Timelapse

I’ve been a fan of all things outer space since I was a kid.  I even built my own 10″ Dobsonian telescope when I was in my early 20’s.  While I don’t get out in the field to observe the stars much anymore, I still keep my eyes peeled for interesting stories and videos featuring […]

Hubble Space Telescope Views Galactic Core

Hubble Space Telescope Views Galactic Core

Just recently the Hubble Space Telescope managed to photograph the galactic core in unprecedented detail.  For those of you that aren’t astronomy geeks like me, we live in a large spiral galaxy known as the Milky Way (no relation to the candy bar).  Our galaxy looks very much like the picture to the left.  Our […]