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More Freedom

In January of 2009 I made a blog post in which I highlighted two stories that, on first glance, just HAD to be internet hoaxes.  In fact both of those stories were true.  One of them was about a man by the name of Jeff Guidry and the bald eagle named Freedom that he had […] To The Rescue To The Rescue

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I tend to get a lot of chain emails from my friends and family.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ve seen how I deal with most of these.  Even I, Jeffrey P. Picard, skeptic at large, can be surprised however.  Yesterday I got an email from my […]

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

It’s finally arrived: Memorial day, 2008. For most of us this means the beginning of Summer and an extra day off. While it is those things let’s not loose sight of what Memorial day really is: A tribute to those that have died in military service for the United States of America. We owe these […]