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Gun Free Zones

Silly me, all I had to do was post some signs!

Mag-40: Part 3

Day two of the Mag-40 class began with a high probability of thunderstorms.  Because of this, it was decided that we would spend the entire day in the classroom. We began the day with an in-depth discussion on the legal aspects involved in the use of deadly force. Much of what Mas covers in the […]

Mag-40: Part 2

Mag-40: Part 2

Continued… The drive from Wisconsin to Northern Florida was wonderful.  I could have made it straight through with only a few gas and restroom stops if I had wanted to, however, I surmised that there probably wasn’t much reason to arrive in Live Oak at 4:00am.  Being the high class individual that I am, I […]

Mag-40: Part 1

If you’re a regular visitor to my site I hope you’ll forgive me for the lack of posts lately.  A few things have been keeping me from updating things here, not the least of which is that work has been quite busy.  Another major item that has kept me away is the subject of this […]

Gun Safety 101

Anyone that owns a gun should be thoroughly versed in the rules of gun safety.  There are four basic rules to follow: Never point your gun at anything you are not prepared to destroy. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. Never load your gun until you are ready to […]

Say Hello To My Little Friend!

Say Hello To My Little Friend!

Well, the mid-term elections are finally over.  I’ll admit that I’m a fairly conservative Republican so, in my view, the election was good to us in Wisconsin.  We managed to go from all blue to all red.  Republicans took over control of the Governor’s office, the state Assembly, and the state Senate.  It’s a glorious […]