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Space Oddity

International Space Station commander Chris Hadfield recently handed over command of the station to Russian cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov.  Before he left, however, he released an updated version of David Bowie’s song Space Oddity. has a nice write up on it.  Very cool indeed.

Literal Video

I spent most of tonight searching through the YouTube archives in an attempt to locate some of the awesome music videos from my my younger days.   Okay, don’t be a wise ass, there were TOO some awesome music videos from the 80’s!! I happened to be watching the video for Total Eclipse of the […]

OK Go With Friends

This is the latest video from OK Go.   If you’re not familiar with the group, they’re a hugely popular indie group out of California.  Their breakthrough song (and video) was Here It Goes Again.  That video had the group performing on a bunch of treadmills and was filmed in one take.  The single take videos […]

The Worst Music Videos EVER!

Just a couple of the worst music videos ever made.