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Kittens + Star Wars = AWESOME!

I’ve been so fricking busy with work that I’ve been forced to neglect my blog, however, I’m back and I’m bad: There are other videos in this series and even a behind the scenes look.  Head on over to YouTube and search for Jedi Kittens.

Star Wars: The Geriatric Edition

This is a hoot.  Watch and enjoy.


Nooooooooooooooooooo!!! is a website that’s on a par with the Sad Trombone, Instant Rimshot and Instant Cricket sites (see my blog post HERE for those sites). Now, don’t abuse this one. You need to save it for the most dire occasions. For instance, it’s Friday afternoon and your boss asks if you can work the […]

AT-AT Day Afternoon

For those of you that don’t know, “AT-AT” stands for All Terrain Armored Transport.  It helps if you’re a Star Wars nerd.  These were first introduced in The Empire Strikes Back.  The following is a very cool video made using a toy AT-AT.

Tom Tom & Darth Vader

I’m a Garmin user myself, however, this video almost makes me want to go to the dark side.

More Chimps!

Following on the heels of the Monkey Bar video a few days ago comes another simian adventure.  This time they’re taking on Star Wars.  I must say…I think I like this one better!