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Monster Truck Rally

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ve probably seen a few posts I made that highlighted a photography/video technique called tilt-shift. This video is another example of that technique done at a monster truck rally. It’s pretty cool.

A Small Life in Saxon, Switzerland

A while back I wrote a post regarding the use of tilt-shift in photography.  Somewhere along the line I think I also posted a time lapse video that also used the tilt-shift technique.  I came across another video today that I think is almost magical.  It’s like watching a miniature world go by.  The name […]

Tilt- Shift

Tilt- Shift

There is a very cool photographic technique known as tilt shift wherein the camera lens is actually tilted to render a very skewed plane of sharp focus.  This creates a very narrow zone of sharp focus in the middle of the image and a very fast dropoff in focus to the top and bottom.  When […]